Monday, October 7, 2013

My Memories Suite Giveaway- It's Over!

WOOT-WOOT and Good Day! It's the time of the year for a little tricking and treating, but all I have is one AMAZING treat for you.  Thanks to the generosity of My Memories Suite, I am able to offer, for one week and one week only, My Memories Suite Software V4 absolutely FREE!!! Amazing right. Just go to the site, add the software to your cart and enter promo code FreeTreatEE13. Please feel free to share this info with your friends and family, I would appreciate a link back to my blog and any followers, (I know there's not much to follow, but I am baby stepping, LOL). This offer expires 10-14-2013, so enjoy!!!

Also just a reminder to check out the weekly MMS giveaways on facebook and by joining their mailing list and the vast assortment beautiful artwork  available for purchase on the MMS site.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

OOOPS....where did all the time go?

OOOPS....where did all the time go? Geez, my intentions were so good, if there was a way for my ideas to go directly from my mind to this blog, I honestly believe you would be blown away with this blog's awesomeness Whoa, but such is life and it's not that easy. Everyday is a new beginning so here we go again......I'M BLOGGING.

So here are my plans

  • I will be posting photos of some of my recent projects.
  • I will be posting pictures of my totally disorganized craft room, I need a hoarders intervention...this is the year to get it done.
  • I will shamefully post pictures of my Critter Chaos Crew
  • I will be committed to learning my software and will be sharing my trial and triumphs
  • I will be sharing my K-9 Culinary masterpieces, "masterpieces" may not be the right word.
  • I am going to more fully utilize the items I have, I am going to more fully utilize the items I have, I am going to more fully utilize the items I have!, and share my results.
Ready, Set, Go.......Sit,Stay,Scrap!!!